team Muxacra Arquitectos is composed of a large team of professionals whom offer a full architectural service in response to a market increasingly complex and demanding, covering all areas of architecture. The fundamental bases of our operation are the professionalism and flexibility, allowing us to tackle any project with the same efficiency regardless of size or complexity. Our vast experience proves it. Staff: Damián Flores Fuentes - architect Antonio Ruiz Pérula - architect Federico Alonso Cayuela - technical architect José Ramón Rodríguez Pedrosa - technical architect Collaborators: Enrique Recuerda Solana (NR Ingenieros) - industrial engineer Jesús López Carreño - industrial engineer Juan Robles Molina (Luces) - lighting specialist Eduard Mairis - landscaper José Luis Caparrós - technical architect Gerardo M. Vázquez - lawyer planner Luís Fernández Vega & Asociados - plant engineering Olivier Navarro (NavarrOlivier) - wood construction specialist study At Muxacra Arquitectos we have been developing our business since 2003 in the different areas of architecture, urbanism and design, with the aim of generating our products with integral customer service. We are a large multidisciplinary team that integrates experience and youth, which speaks to the firm's objectives of producing quality projects with enthusiasm. Our commitment to a discipline as broad and subjective as architecture is based on the passion and respect that we feel for the field. We believe in the individuality of each client and we have made a commitment to read their specific needs and to generate innovative projects that deviate from trends to suit the users and their environment. © muxacra arquitectos  |  2011