services At Muxacra Arquitectos we strive to offer a wide range of services, therefore, we develop and execute all kinds of work related to architecture and urbanism. With respect to customers' needs, our activities range from design of interiors to drafting projects for large-scale remodelling and housing developments, provided with project management services. Our services include: Drafting and Management of Building Projects Drafting and Management of Community Planning Projects Project Management Interior Building Reform and Rehabilitation Projects Legalization Projects Urban planning consulting Operating Licenses Management Expert Drafting Appraisals/Valuations Calculations of Structures Calculations of Installations Measurements and budgets Topographic and Plan metric Works Interior Design Projects Corporate Image Design Real-Estate Agency Documentation Design © muxacra arquitectos  |  2011 project management At Muxacra Arquitectos we offer Project Management services.  These services offer assumed control of the project and work with the developer. Visits are made to the material suppliers; we manage/apply for all licenses and permits with the proper authorities and supply companies. We assume full control of the work, as well as resolve any problems that may arise during the Project